Apply (squeeze) two capsules of creatine with an appropriate amount of shampoo to your palm, then gently rub your scalp and hair from roots to ends, and leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it well with room-temperature water.
Use Green Bubble once a week for best results. From the first month you will start to see good results. For the best possible treatment, it is recommended to use the product regularly during the normal hair growth cycle which ranges between three and five months.

Our products are made from many plant-derived ingredients. Because plants are not always completely uniform in color and smell it is natural to observe slight variations in color and smell from bottle to bottle. The color and smell variations do not affect the performance of the products as each batch is standardized for consistent effect.

GreenBubble works for every types of hair.

Thanks to the antioxidants inside of it, GreenBubble cleans all the toxins in the hair follicles and thanks to keratin, it nourishes the hair and reduces hair loss.

We do not recommend the use of any product any product without doctor's control in a sensitive period such as pregnancy. Greenbubble can be used 5 months after rebirth.

All of our products are 100% drug-free and work with the use of natural ingredients, spefically selected to deliver results without the aid of drugs.

Yes! Our No-Questions Asked 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee provides a hassle free way to try the product and feel the benefits. If you are unhappy for any reason simply let us know and we will provide you a complete refund. All you need to do is send the products back to us and let us know why you were unhappy.

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“My overall experience was overwhelming. I enjoyed the massage. It felt good on my scalp. The growth serum seem to penetrate and gave my scalp and refreshing feeling.”